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Pokédex Number #065
Classification Psi Pokémon
Buddy Candy Distance 3 km
Max CP 3057CP
Avg. Weight 48 kg
Avg. Height 1.5 m
Evolves From Kadabra
Name (en) Alakazam
Name (de) Simsala
Name (fr) Alakazam
Name (jp) フーディン
Name (ko) 후딘

Alakazam is a psychicPsychic Type Pokémon originally from the Kanto region (Generation I). Alakazam is a Pokémon that does not evolve, meaning any candy gained can only be used to power-up the Pokémon or unlock a 2nd charged move.It is currently catch-able and can be found in the wild. This Pokémon has previously been featured in Raids and can be captured upon defeating it. It can be more easily obtained by evolving a Kadabra.


To evolve, Abra requires 25Rare Candy.png to evolve into Kadabra. Kadabra evolves further, which requires 100Rare Candy.png to evolve into Alakazam. Alakazam cannot evolve anymore.

Abra.png Evolves to Kadabra.png Evolves to Alakazam.png
Abra Kadabra Alakazam


Like other Pokémon, Alakazam can learn different Fast Moves and Charged Moves. These moves each interact differently as described below.

Fast Moves

Alakazam has the ability to learn two Fast Moves. These Fast Moves are known when caught or can be learned through the use of a Fast TM.

Fast Attack List
Name PvE Statistics PvP Statistics
Damage Duration Energy DPS Damage Duration Energy DPS
Icon Psychic.png Confusion 20 Damage 1.6 Seconds 12 Energy 13 DPS 16 Damage 2 Seconds 12 Energy 8 DPS
Icon Psychic.png Psycho Cut 5 Damage 0.6 Seconds 8 Energy 8 DPS 3 Damage 1 Seconds 9 Energy 3 DPS

Charge Moves

Alakazam has the ability to learn four Charge Moves. These Charge Moves are known when caught or can be learned through the use of a Charged TM.

Charge Attack List
Name PvE Statistics PvP Statistics
Damage Duration DPS Charges Damage Energy
Icon Ghost.png Shadow Ball 100 Damage 3 Seconds 33 DPS 2 100 Damage 55 Energy
Icon Fire.png Fire Punch 55 Damage 2.2 Seconds 25 DPS 3 55 Damage 40 Energy
Icon Fighting.png Focus Blast 140 Damage 3.5 Seconds 40 DPS 1 150 Damage 75 Energy
Icon Psychic.png Future Sight 120 Damage 2.7 Seconds 44 DPS 1 120 Damage 65 Energy


  • Starting in early 2020, Kadabra can evolve into Alakazam for free when traded.

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