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A place to fight other Pokémon

Gyms are special locations in Pokémon GO. One of the three Teams can capture a gym and place up to 6 different species of Pokémon into the gym to defend the location.


Gyms owned by rival teams can be fought for ownership. To fight a gym, you must approach the location until you are within range. Once within range, a battle team of 6 Pokémon can be selected to fight against the defending Pokémon in the gym. Defeating a Pokémon will lower it's motivation until it reaches 0, which usually occurs after 3 battles with a newly added or recently fed Pokémon. Once all rival Pokémon are defeated out of a rival gym, it will become neutral (white-colored). Once a gym is neutral, friendly Pokémon can be placed at the location to start defending.

Defending a Gym

Up to 6 different-species Pokémon can be placed in a gym to defend the location. When a gym is recently defeated, only those who recently defeated the gym can place Pokémon to defend the location. After 1-2 minutes, other friendly players can place defending Pokémon into the gym.


Pokémon defending a gym will have motivation represented by a pink heart view-able in the gym. Motivation will slowly decrease the longer the Pokémon defends the gym, decreasing until it only takes one battle for it to be knocked out by an attacking team. Motivation can be restored by feeding berries to the selected Pokémon.

Feeding a Pokémon

Berries of all types can be fed to a Pokémon when it is defending a location. Up to 10 berries can be fed at a time with a 30-minute cooldown in-between. The more berries that are fed the less motivation the Pokémon regains. Berries can also be fed remotely, with less motivation regained compared to feeding them while at the location.


Raids can occasionally spawn at gyms. Raids come in five different difficulties, with legendary raids being the most difficult. Some gyms are also chosen for Ex-Raid locations, offering a chance at obtaining an exclusive legendary Pokémon.


  • Originally, Pokémon of the same species could be placed in the same gym.
  • Only 1,000 gym badges will be kept in your gym badge list. After obtaining more than the maximum amount, you will not be able to see the badge until you re-visit the gym.